The PAZ (Spanish for “peace”) satellite is intended primarily to address civilian needs with multiple applications.

HISDESAT is the owner and operator of the PAZ satellite, which will offer precise information for multiple applications from its polar orbit around the Earth. The launch of the satellite has been entrusted to the rocket Falcon 9, following the signing of the contract with the Northamerican company Space X.

From the start, the manufacture of the Paz satellite has given Spain’s aerospace industry a significant return on the investments made by the companies involved, allowing them to develop new capabilities that will improve their competitiveness in the global aerospace marketplace. This new satellite will also significantly improve Spain’s standing within Europe’s Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) program, Copernicus, a key initiative in ground monitoring led by the European Union and the European Space Agency (ESA).

PAZ is intended to not only address security and defense needs, but also other needs of a civilian nature. It will be able to take over one hundred 1-meter resolution daytime and nighttime images a day in any weather conditions.

Designed for a five-and-half year mission, it will cover an area of over 300,000 square kilometers a day. It will orbit the Earth fifteen times a day at an altitude of 514 kilometers and a speed of seven kilometers per second. Thanks to its slightly inclined quasi-polar orbit, PAZ will cover the entire Earth with an average revisit time of 24 hours.

Its total estimated weight is 1400 kg. It is 5-m high and its diameter is 2.4 m.
The radar is designed to be very flexible and will be able to operate in a wide array of configurations depending on the desired image performance. It has a 256-GB image storage capacity and an X-band transmission speed of 300 Mbits/sec for relaying its images to the ground.

Spain’s National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA) is the satellite´s owner, and will be responsible for the overseeing of its ground control services.