• 2020

    Acquisition of the XTAR-EUR satellite.
    Hisdesat and exactEarth join autonomous boat project, Mayflower.
    Multi-year contract with the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).

  • 2019

    Beginning of construction of the SPAINSAT NG Program.
    SAPZO network: dual use of government communications satellites.
    First Interferogram of the radar constellation TerraSAR-X/PAZ.
    Atmospheric data from PAZ reaches meteorological services around the world in “near real” time.

  • 2018

    Launch and start-up of the PAZ satellite.

  • 2017

    The launch of the PAZ satellite is awarded to SpaceX.
    Definition of the new generation of communication satellites, SPAINSAT NG.

  • 2016

    SpainSAT satellite celebrates a successful operational decade.
    exactEarth Expands Constellation with the Launch of M3MSat.

  • 2015

    New contract with the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO).
    exactEarth launches EV9, a new equatorial AIS satellite.

  • 2014

    PAZ successfully completed the environmental tests that certifiy its capibility to be launched and withstand the operational environment once in orbit.

  • 2013

    Launch of the book “A Walk in Space”.
    Completion, in Spain, of the integration of the PAZ satellite.

  • 2012

    Nuevo contrato con el Ministerio de Defensa de Dinamarca.
    New contracts with the Government of Valencia and the Spanish Navy.

  • 2011

    Presentation of the platform for the PAZ satellite.

  • 2010

    Hisdesat becomes involved with the new satellite-based maritime traffic information system (AIS) through a joint venture with the Canadian firm COMDEV to create exactEarth.

  • 2009

    Contract signed to provide communications services to the Norwegian Department of Defense.

  • 2008

    Hisdesat starts offering services in the Ka band to the American Department of Defense.
    Project “Seahorse” for the Civil Guard General Directorate.

  • 2007

    National Satellite Earth Observation Program (PNOTS in Spanish) program in cooperation with the Ministries of Defense and of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.
    Comprised by the PAZ and INGENIO satellites.
    Contract through XtarLLC with American government agencies.

  • 2006

    Launch of the SpainSat communications satellite, positioned at 30º west.
    Contract signed with Belgium’s Ministry of Defense.

  • 2005

    The Xtar-Eur communications satellite is placed in orbitat 29º east.
    Through the joint venture with Xtar LLC, a contract is signed with the Defense Ministry of Denmark and the State Department of the United States.

  • 2001

    Hisdesat created as an operator of government satellite defense services.