Environmental Performance report

Hisdesat is a company committed to the environment, which has implemented an environmental management system, according to ISO 14001. In its commitment to environmental protection and prevention of pollution, the environmental management system is reviewed and evaluated periodically, with the objective of identifying actions to minimize the negative impact of our activity on the environment that surrounds us.

The following is a summary of Hisdesat’s environmental performance in 2017:

The electricity consumption per employee has been reduced compared to the same period of the previous year. Below is a graph that compares month to month the electricity consumption of 2017 with respect to the previous year:

During the year 2017, 516 kg of paper were managed for recycling, also recording a paper consumption of 11.72 kg per employee per year.

Another of the environmental indicators is the consumption of toner, registering a total of 9 kg of non-dangerous toner and 6 kg of dangerous toner purchased per year, sending 11.5 kg of non-dangerous toner and 9 kg of dangerous toner.

With respect to fluorescent lighting used in offices, it was registered a consumption of 6 kg of fluorescent tubes, while 5 kg have been allocated to recycle.

By 2018, our main objective will be to reduce paper consumption, which we expect to decrease by 5% over the previous year.