Supplier evaluation and monitoring

Hisdesat Servicios Estratégicos, S.A. has established an internal procedure for checking and monitoring the performance of the suppliers with whom it works regularly, and those that are valued based on criteria related to technical, financial, legal and regulatory training, which ensure maximum commitment by the same.

On the other hand, Hisdesat has also a procedure for continuous control and monitoring of supplier performance based on an indicator. This indicator is valued annually and qualifies as approved or not approved.

The aforementioned indicator is obtained from the evaluation of a series of different criteria for each family of suppliers:

In addition, compliance in time and form of offers, orders and invoices will also be assessed.

In case of incidents in the continuous monitoring or that the annual qualification of not approved is obtained, Hisdesat would contact the supplier to request a plan of actions to correct the detected problems, being able to reach the discontinuation of the supplier if it returns to Be qualified as not approved for the second consecutive year.