Integrated quality


ISO 9001ISO 9001

Quality, environmental management and information security are strategic elements for Hisdesat and guarantee the sustained success of our organization as a provider of satellite communications services.

With this premise, the company’s Management has made the decision to document and implement an Integrated System for Quality Management, Environment and Information Security.

HISDESAT’s commitment to compliance with this policy is based on the following postulates:

  1. Commitment to the requirements applicable in each case, including legal, customer and other requirements assumed by the company.
  2. Commitment to continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Information Security.
  3. Definition of improvement and safety objectives, which accurately measure the company’s progress.
  4. Participation of the human team as an essential element of the Integrated Management System.
  5. Commitment to information security.
  6. Commitment to environmental protection.
To ensure compliance, specific information security policies have been developed:
  • Access control policy.
  • Network use policy.

This Integrated Policy constitutes the corporate reference framework for the performance of all activities and is the starting point for the establishment of specific plans.

Signature date of the quality policy (06/08/2020).

The satellite telecommunications of HISDESAT SERVICIOS ESTRATÉGICOS S.A., an operator in the field of Defense and Security, are certified by AENOR in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.