HISDESAT achieved its best results for sixth consecutive year reaching 32.1 million euros


HISDESAT achieved its best results for sixth consecutive year reaching 32.1 million euros

HISDESAT achieved its best results for sixth consecutive year reaching 32.1 million euros


– These figures reflect the consolidation of Hisdesat as a global satellite government services, especially in the U.S. market and in northern Europe.

– The profit before tax revenues reached 32.1 million euros, an increase of 95.6% over the last four years.

– Net income totaled 60.8 million euros, an increase of 2 percent over the previous year.

– EBITDA totaled 44.1 million euros and operating profit (REX) amounts to 29.1 million euros, an increase of 23.2 percent in the last four years.

– The investment in space programs in the year was 24 million euros, and the acumulated investment in all types of programs is 400 million

– New projects earth observation and security of maritime traffic (AIS) are enabling the diversification of services and international growth, generating significant value for the Spanish industry in the form of returns and investment in our country.

Madrid, February 16, 2012. – The Spanish company of government services by satellite, Hisdesat, closes for the sixth consecutive year a record financial year reflecting the potential of high technology in economic activity.

Continuous improvement in results is due mainly to the commitment to innovation with the launch of new projects and international growth equity investments with permanent U.S. and Canada and technological cooperation project in Norway.

This strategy has signed several new contracts within secure government communications satellite (SpainSat and Xtar-Eur) and the services offered through the Automatic Identification System signal (AIS) satellite, traffic control World seaborne. This coupled with progress in the area of Earth observation satellite, namely the development of the PEACE program, situates Hisdesat as a key player in the Spanish space industry, contributing to the diversification of services and generate added value for the same, through the returns on investment.

Currently, international business constitutes 36% of turnover and is expected Hisdesat in the next two years to reach 50% of their income.

Milestones in 2011

In the last financial year, progress continued in the new company programs, such as HisNorsat, satellite set Hisdesat with Norwegian Armed Forces. This project is one of the greatest challenges facing the company and with an investment exceeding 300 million euros of which 56 % certainly corresponds to the Spanish and the remaining 44 % to the Norwegian. In this sense it is remarkable the firm last June agreed to bid for the satellite manufacturing and the subsequent approval of a government loan worth € 152 million which will allow for more direct participation of national companies in the sector a satellite of this size and complexity. For Spanish companies will be a unique opportunity to enhance their skills and international competitiveness.

Also in the field of secure satellite communications, has recently signed a new contract with the Danish army, the company has provided services to these armed forces since 2005. Thus, Hisdesat strengthens its position in central and northern Europe, where they are providing regular services to the Ministries of Defence of Belgium and Norway.

Total investments made during 2011 by the company in the various programs that keeps open, was € 24 million, bringing the cumulative investment to date to 400 million €.

In Earth observation is to highlight the work undertaken with the new satellite Paz designed to produce images with radar technology that will allow our company to enter the market of satellite imagery with the latest technology. The investment made in 2011 was 22 million and now accounts for 82% of the construction of the satellite scheduled for launch next year. In June 2011, received the satellite platform being at this time in the last phase of development. This satellite is marking a milestone for the space sector as it is possible direct involvement in the manufacture of 17 Spanish companies and institutions thus generating both high-skilled jobs and new capabilities for businesses.

This project also provides other important technology such as that for the first time, a satellite of this type incorporate signals from Automatic Identification System Satellite System (AIS), allowing simultaneous data provided by both systems and applications that have multiple in the field of international maritime traffic.

Also with the satellite Paz, Hisdesat is collaborating with NASA and the CSIC in an innovative scientific expertise in the field of atmospheric radio occultation which will analyze how to hide the GPS signals as they pass through the atmosphere and observe changes in the received signal, introducing the different elements and in particular atmospheric precipitation extreme. Thus, it is possible to improve predictions on atmospheric behavior, such as rains, floods and take the necessary measures to avoid potential disasters associated.

In relation to the constellation of satellites with AIS technology, Hisdesat developing this project through a joint venture in Canadian society exactEarth, having already launched three satellites are operational. During the first year of system service contracts have been signed in Canada, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. The full constellation of ten satellites will be fully operational in 2014 and will provide updated information on maritime traffic every 90 minutes.

In short, these achievements reflect the success of the model of public private partnership (PPP), which is allowing access to new technologies and markets were largely unknown or were underdeveloped in Spain.

The business plan Hisdesat plans to double these figures for turnover in 2015. The various open programs entail a gradual improvement in economic indicators all at the same time it creates jobs and returns are favored industrial companies associated with each project.

In a situation like the current international cooperation is presented as the most optimal to finance new programs between companies and countries, given the substantial financial and human resources required by this complex technology projects. Today it is virtually impossible to conduct them alone. “We must move towards a change and find new ways to enable the industry to offer more and better satellite services, while costs are lowered. So we based the foundation of our future growth, “said Roberto Lopez, CEO of Hisdesat.

About Hisdesat

Hisdesat was founded in 2001 as operator of government services by satellite to act primarily in the areas of defense, security, intelligence and foreign affairs. Since 2005, the company provides secure satellite communications to government agencies of different countries and is currently developing new satellites in two areas: Earth Observation and Information of the worldwide maritime traffic by satellite (AIS). More information: www.hisdesat.es

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