Hisdesat bets for FIDAE 2014


Hisdesat bets for FIDAE 2014

Hisdesat bets for FIDAE 2014


Madrid, (Spain), February 18th, 2013– The Spanish government services satellite company, Hisdesat, informs that the Latin American market is critical to your business. In this sense, it participates in the eighteenth version of the International Air and Space, FIDAE 2014, held from 25 to 28 March in Santiago of Chile. Over 35 years´ experience the prestige and recognition of FIDAE, as a meeting in the fields of aeronautics, defense and space.

Hisdesat come to this meeting with a booth in the Spanish pavilion of the exhibition area, which will display its portfolio of services, including an innovative new generation of satellites to improve and provide greater flexibility and security to communications in the bands X and military Ka, through its satellites: SpainSat and XTAR -Eur, which provide communications coverage in more than two thirds of the Earth.

It also has a system of Earth Observation consists of two satellites, Ingenio and Paz, who will use the two observation technologies, optics and radar, respectively. Both satellites allow observation of the territory for multiple applications: border control, intelligence, environmental control, protection of natural resources, military operations, international treaty verification, monitoring of the land surface urban planning, infrastructure planning, and assessment of natural disasters high-resolution mapping, among many other applications.

It also has an information system for maritime traffic satellite (AIS), which allow the location of all ships in the world (100,000), equipped with AIS. Through this new constellation of satellites can know the status of world maritime traffic in real time. This information is invaluable to the government, maritime, port authorities, and fishing. The AIS solutions fill the vacuum solutions to ensure the viability of sensitive and comprehensive concept of maritime safety and help reduce environmental impact. They are innovative applications offered from space and in the service of society.

“Chile is a developed market and mature, which offers significant opportunities for growing and that our portfolio of satellite services in secure communications, Earth observation and AIS satellite, fits perfectly,” said Miguel Angel Panduro CEO Hisdesat.


Hisdesat was founded in 2001 as operator of government services by satellite to act primarily in the areas of defense, security, intelligence and foreign affairs. Since 2005, the company provides secure satellite communications to government agencies of different countries and is currently developing new satellites in two areas: Earth Observation and Information of the worldwide maritime traffic by satellite (AIS). More information: www.hisdesat.es

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