Miguel Ángel Panduro, new CEO OF Hisdesat


Miguel Ángel Panduro, new CEO OF Hisdesat

Miguel Ángel Panduro, new CEO OF Hisdesat


Madrid, March 15, 2012. – The Spanish company of government services by satellite, Hisdesat, announces the appointment of Miguel Ángel Panduro as the new CEO. His long and successful career has made him the ideal executive to lead the company and continue holding the leading position it currently occupies in the industry.

To date and since 2004, Miguel Ángel Panduro was CEO of ISDEFE, a corporation that provides consulting services to management in the fields of defense, security, transportation, information technology and communications. ISDEFE is a reference in all activities of the Ministry of Defense and other government agencies in developing projects of high technological and strategic value for our country. Internationally, joined in the ISDEFE customer base the United Nations, NATO and the European Defence Agency, among others.

Previously, he worked on Hispasat, being a member of the Board Council and occupying the responsabilities of Director of Sales and Services. He was in charge of, among other things, negotiating the consolidation programs platform Digital Satellite TV Spanish (Digital +), or the definition of the requirements of the payload of the new satellites Hispasat 1E and Amazon.

He has also held positions as member of the Committee for the Support of Technology COTEC, has served on the Management of Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) of the European Broadcasting Union and was Chairman of the Working Groups of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

He studied Telecommunication Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain), and has a diploma in senior management (CEO) from IESE and the National Defence Course for CESEDEN. He completed his training with various diplomas in Corporate Governance by the ICA, in Strategic Companies (CEPADE) and Project Management Technology.

He received the Grand Cross of Military Merit with distinctive white and was named “Engineer of the Year 2011” by the Association of Telecommunication Engineers (COIT) and the Spanish Association of Telecommunication Engineers (AEIT). It is also Patron of Aeronautics and Astronautics Foundation and the Foundation Spanish Circle Technologies for Defense and Security.

Miguel Ángel Panduro was born in Miguel Esteban (Toledo, Spain) in 1962.

About Hisdesat

Hisdesat was founded in 2001 as operator of government services by satellite to act primarily in the areas of defense, security, intelligence and foreign affairs. Since 2005, the company provides secure satellite communications to government agencies of different countries and is currently developing new satellites in two areas: Earth Observation and Information of the worldwide maritime traffic by satellite (AIS). More information: www.hisdesat.es

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